Leadership Presentations and Workshops

Leadership in 3D

  • ​Estimated Time: Variable (60 minutes to 3 hours)
  • ​This presentation focuses on building fundamental leadership development skills. It begins with a discussion of how leadership is a continuum upon which all individuals can improve and positively change or affect their corner of the world. We then discuss the 3-D's of leadership - Different, Dependable, and Dynamic - and how to develop these skills within ourselves. Finally, we focus on some additional aspects of leading others that will help us become more effective leaders in our sphere of influence.

Successfully Managing Conflict

  • Estimated Time: Variable (60 minutes to 3 hours)
  • Many of us would prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible, often because we do not know how to handle confrontational situations or difficult people. This presentation explores some fundamental conflict resolution skills and strategies. Initially, we focus on the typical responses individuals adopt when conflict erupts. Then we turn to skills and approaches that one can adopt to resolve specific conflicts. Finally, we discuss specific long-term strategies that will help minimize the potentially negative consequences of conflict. 

Don't Waste My Time: How to Keep People Motivated

  • Estimated Time: Variable (60 minutes to 2 hours)
  • ​Organizations often encounter situations where some individuals participate less than others. This can often cause problems because the leaders of those organizations need all individuals to remain engaged in order to accomplish specific goals. This presentation explores some of the primary reasons why people do not participate more and offers strategies for keeping individuals motivated and moving the organization forward in a more positive direction.

​What's My Value? How Values Affect Leadership

  • ​Estimated Time: Variable (60 minutes to 2 hours)
  • ​This presentation focuses on the importance of values and how they relate to leadership. The discussion begins by identifying different levels of values (individual, group/team, and society) and how they relate. The focus then shifts toward examining how individuals can develop a values-based leadership style. Finally, the presentation discusses how organizations can adopt a values-based plan for their groups/teams in order to better align priorities and projects.