In addition to my professional responsibilities at the University of South Carolina, I am also a highly sought speaker and consultant. As a public speaker, my presentations focus on developing fundamental leadership skills (including conflict management and public speaking). To convey this information, I employ a dynamic presentation style that combines high levels of energy with easily understood substantive messages. I also rely on several examples from everyday life to connect the substance of these presentations to the real world.

Testimonials and Endorsements

  • "You are an amazing speaker. You inspire me and I love your energy."
  • ​"Very dynamic. Full of great examples and information."
  • "Not at all what I expected. Best seminar in fifteen years of government leadership."
  • "Leadership education and training can be a fuzzy, complex notion. Students today are looking for practical solutions to the challenges they face. Dr. Randazzo connects with students and offers them ideas and concepts they can readily apply in their daily leadership experience."
  • "Dr. Randazzo excels in challenging students to higher levels of thinking in an accessible, and entertaining way. His approach is one that challenges students long after the presentation ends - they will continue to use his strategies for years to come."
  • "I have had an opportunity to work with Dr. Randazzo as both a college student and as a professional. His 'no nonsense' style resonates well with today's college students, and he uses hands on methods to help them relate leadership skills to everyday life. I look forward to bringing him to my campus."
  • "Dr. Randazzo is a tremendous speaker whose presentations are always infused with energy, enthusiasm, and positive messages. Our students have greatly benefitted from his dynamic sessions."